All About Core Book with Laminated PCS Symbols


All About Core Book with Laminated PCS Symbols



This alphabet book was created by a certified speech and language pathologist for emerging readers who use augmentative and alternative communication systems (AAC). All About Core (ABC) Alphabet book isn’t your typical ABC book which highlights mostly nouns. This unique ABC book incorporates core and fringe vocabulary to help improve literacy and communication for emerging readers with complex communication needs. The targeted words with sentences target functional communication and vocabulary that are ideal for all ages and abilities. The engaging and concrete illustrations focus specifically on high frequency core words that are used most often in conversation to increase carryover from activity to conversation. This book is created specifically to be used in a variety of settings including home and classroom environments. Goals targeting communication, literacy and language work seamlessly with this highly unique book.

Included with the PCS book are laminated PCS symbols to use with the book. As you are reading the book, use these symbols to help improve your child’s ability to learn the vocabulary.

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