Where do I get my books and apps from?

From time to time, I will receive promo codes for apps and get review copies from authors or publication companies. Publications companies that I receive review copies of children’s books from on occasion include Penguin Random House and Abram Books. All of my reviews are based on my personal opinion. This is the case whether I get them free of charge or pay for them myself.  I am not paid for my reviews on my website. My recommendations are based on my experience as a parent and a speech-language pathologist.

I hope that these tips, suggestions on books, apps, and toys are helpful for you and your family.  I want to also inspire other parents and caregivers to make mealtime easier for their family and use it as another opportunity to build on language skills.

Do I get paid from my podcast guests? 

No! I don’t charge any of my guests who are on my podcast nor do I get paid in any way. However, I am looking for sponsorships since the costs of running a podcast can be expensive.

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