AAC Parent Coaching Videos

Welcome to my AAC Parent Coaching Page!

What is AAC? AAC is stands for augmentative and alternative communication. AAC is used for individuals with complex communication needs that have difficulty using speech for communication. To learn more about what AAC is, check out ASHA’s website here.

I began this playlist to support and educate parents, caregivers and educators of AAC users. My goal was create short videos that target specific concepts in the field of AAC and assistive technology. 

I have been a speech language pathologist since 2002 and have been working in a field of Augmentative and Alternative Communication since being a graduate student in 1999 at Teachers College, Columbia University.

AAC is one of my passions and my love for this field has only grown over the years. Part of what I love about being with a speech language pathologist is working with families and training others in the field of AAC.

These videos began as an Assistive Technology Project that I was working on during my assistive technology certificate program with Bowling Green University. At the same time, I was also virtually training parents of AAC users with my colleague during the pandemic.

How can we describe these strategies in a fun and visual way that can begin some meaningful discussions? Creating videos with Powtoons became a passion of mine!

I have also created a page of recordings to make these videos accessible for everyone. Check out the recordings page here. 

I hope you enjoy these videos and share with others!

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