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Kodi’s Adventures How I Learned to Defeat the Time Snatcher

Kodi’s Adventures written by Mindy Hudon and illustrated by Barbara Szepesi Szucs is a graphic novel about Kodi, a middle school student who constantly misses buses, loses things and is always late. This graphic novel is a a perfect read for tweens who struggle with executive functioning skills such as organization and time management. Kodi is struggling when starting middle school because he keeps getting distracted at each turn. Where is his time going? With the help of his friend Juan and Mrs. Norton, the speech language pathologist, Kodi learns how to beat the time snatcher.

I loved this book because it thrills as a graphic novel explaining the struggles that Kodi goes through. It also helps reads understand friendship, having a growth mindset and navigating bad habits to break (such as waking up late every morning). In the back of the book, there are helpful resources for educators and parents to help their children get organized and learn how to plan ahead.

Mindy Hudon is also the creator of the Bee a Time Keeper Clock. To learn more, click here. To learn more about Mindy, visit her website here.

Kodi’s Adventures

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What is executive functioning? I like the way this video explains it below!



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