AAC Alphabet Adventures

AAC Alphabet Adventures written by Amanda Hartmann and illustrated by Nanhee Ha is another wonderful picture book about AAC. With this fun and interactive book, the reader will learn all about the letters and sounds of the alphabet. Each letter includes a sentence with all words starting with the target letter. For example, for the letter A, all of the words in the sentence begin with A and each letter continues with this pattern. This book is a fun and inventive way to work on literacy in this inventive book. Additionally, the illustrations are colorful, diverse and portray all different individuals using various types of assistive technology.






Throughout the picture book, there are many opportunities to build and expand on vocabulary such as talking about different actions such as “babbling”, “joking”, “asking” and much more. I also love how the different characters are communicating via their devices and also engaging in other activities with visual supports and literacy opportunities. Add this book to your collection with Amanda’s other books, AAC Rhymetime and I Talk in Different Ways. All of her books are fantastic for both the home and classroom library.

AAC tip! As you are reading this book with your student/child using AAC, use the phonics keyboard to model the letter sound. Also, model core words and encourage comments, novel utterances and interaction!

AAC Alphabet Adventures

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