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Button Pusher

Button Pusher written and illustrated by the talented Tyler Page is a wonderful graphic novel based on his experience growing up with ADHD. As I was browsing a bookstore in NYC, I found this book or maybe the book found me?

This graphic novel takes the reader through his childhood as he navigates his ADHD, family challenges, friendships and school. I particularly loved this book because of the time it took place in, which was when I was growing up. This is an important piece of the novel because years ago, many people misunderstood ADHD (people still do!) and Ritalin was just being more publically discussed as the treatment for ADHD. Throughout the book, the author describes how ADHD and his medication affected him in various parts of his life but also how it positively affected him such as developing and discovering his amazing talent as an artist.

As I was reading this book, I felt like I was growing up with Tyler and seeing how he was maturing, learning to self monitor his own behaviors, and view the changes in his overall perceptions of himself and others (specifically the relationship between his parents). I also enjoyed how he visually illustrated and described emotional regulation and how it can affect individuals with ADHD. Tyler Page also seamlessly incorporated his research into the story which helped the reader learn about ADHD throughout the book.

Button Pusher is an important book for children with ADHD as well as parents of children with ADHD. Tyler is one child with ADHD and every individual is different. However, there are many important lessons that we can learn from this book.

To learn more about Tyler Page and his other publications, follow him on Instagram here.

Button Pusher

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