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Meeting Exceptional Friends

Are you looking for a picture book that helps to explain all different types of abilities? Meeting Exceptional Friends helps readers to understand disabilities and explains realistic situations that children will encounter. This picture book written by Lindsey Larsen and illustrated by Lora Look gives an overview of all different tools that children may use. For example, Madelyn wears earmuffs to help with sensory overload, Andrew uses an AAC device for communication, and Damien is non-speaking and uses a wheelchair. This picture book can be a great tool to use in the classroom and/or home to help with inclusion, empathy and explaining various physical, sensory and communication differences.

The author of the book, Lindsey Larsen is an award-winning and Amazon best-selling author, publisher, occupational therapist, parenting and self-publishing coach, educator, and a military spouse. To learn more about Lindsey and get access to her wonderful inclusive resources, visit her website here!

Meeting Exceptional Friends

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