Zac’s Mighty Wheels

Are you looking for inclusive chapter books for your child that struggles with reading? Zac’s Mighty Wheels, written by mother/son team Andrea Kurth and Owen Kurth are fun and adventurous stories about a character named Zac. In the first book, Zac’s Mighty Wheels and the Giant Problem, Zac finds a wishing well in the woods when camping with his family. What does he wish for? A wheelchair of his dreams! Everything seems perfect until Bill who wishes for something that will destroy the town. Will Zac save the town? Read the book to find out!

In the second book, Zac’s Mighty Wheels and the Case of the Missing Grannies, Zac is on another adventure to find all of the missing grandmas. Who is masked person and will Zac save the day?

Both of these chapter books are written with the dyslexie font, which can help improve readibility for children with dyslexia. To access the free resources that help support comprehension for these two books, visit Andrea’s website here.

Andrea Kurth, a passionate educator from Michigan, has made it her mission to create inclusive children’s literature. Andrea noticed that her students with disabilities were not well-represented in books. Determined to make a difference, she set out to create a fun series of books where the story was the focus, not the disability, and where adventure could be found on every page. Her books are designed to engage younger children, while also being exciting enough for older readers who struggle with reading. Andrea’s passion for inclusivity also led her to write a picture book with the same mission of creating stories where everyone is included. When Andrea isn’t teaching or writing, she enjoys traveling with her husband and co-author sons. Owen Kurth was a creative seventh grader, when he helped write book one. He enjoys playing video games with friends and spending time with family. He aspires to be a movie writer and director one day.

To learn more about this mother/son team, visit their website here.

Check out Andrea’s new book, It’s Your Turn here!

Zac’s Mighty Wheels and the Giant Problem

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Zac’s Mighty Wheels and the Case of the Missing Grannies

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