Lucas The Lion Loves The Tiny Talker

Lucas The Lion Loves The Tiny Talker written by Ryan and Brittani Rollen and illustrated by Alvina Kwong is a wonderful interactive book about AAC. It even comes with a little talker!

The authors, Ryan and Brittani Rollen wrote this book to help their non-speaking child learn to use AAC. The book begins with an introduction to Lucas the Lion who cannot speak who is “frustrated to not be able to communicate.” The book continues with how Lucas received his talker, used his talker with friends, and requested different fun activities he wanted to do. I love how the book reviews all different ways we communicate with AAC including asking for help, expressing feelings, requesting the bathroom and much more!

I love the interactive nature of this book and the colorful illustrations. The tiny talker includes 12 icons for a variety of pragmatic functions.

Lucas The Lion Loves The Tiny Talker

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To learn more watch the video below!

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