I Am a Masterpiece!

I am a Masterpiece! written by Mia Armstrong and illustrated by Alexandra Thompson is a beautiful book about Mia’s experience growing up with Down Syndrome. In this beautiful picture book, Mia writes about herself as a young girl and how she experiences the world feeling different. This empowering story about inclusivity is a wonderful book for any home or classroom library.

Do you have a child that ever feels different? Mia embraces her individuality by stating “I have Down Syndrome, and I like myself exactly as I am.” One of the scenes I found most powerful is when Mia is in the shoe store and the employee only talks to her mother, which makes Mia feel invisible. Instead of getting upset, she talks directly to the shoe store clerk. I have seen this situation happen many times when out in the community with various clients with disabilities, young and old. No one wants to feel invisible!

Mia has been an advocate in the world of Down Syndrome for many years. Mia Armstrong is a SAG-AFTRA actress, model, and voiceover artist that has declared Down syndrome her “superpower”. In 2022, she made history as the first child with Down syndrome to voiceover a cartoon character. Mia is the voice of EON on the Netflix cartoon Action Pack (Season 2, episode “Playtime”). To learn more about Mia, follow her on instagram here!

Check out Mia in this video clip below as she talks about the first Barbie with Down Syndrome.

I Am A Masterpiece!

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