Why My AAC Device Changed My Life

Why My AAC Device Changed My Life!

Why My AAC Device Changed My Life written by Crystal Holscher, Speech Language Pathologist is a picture book about a young girl named Caroline and her journey with AAC. The book begins with a definition of AAC and the various types of AAC that she used including a communication book and a high tech communication device. I like the way the author explains how the main character obtained a high tech device and the different pragmatic functions she can communicate with her device such as ordering food, expressing her opinions and getting other people’s attention. The best part of the book is when Caroline communicated “I love you” via her device.

Why My AAC Device Changed My Life is a wonderful book to read with children who may or may not have an AAC device. It can be a helpful tool to explain to a class of children about the topic of augmentative and alternative communication.

Crystal is a speech-language pathologist that started writing children’s books following her father-in-law’s stroke. She thought her book, “Why is Papa Talking Funny?” could help other children, much like hers, understand aphasia. She received such great feedback from her professional and personal community, that she went on to write other books about neurological disorders for children. As the overall population ages, younger children will benefit from information regarding some aging processes and diseases. Children may be frightened or sad about changes in adults in their lives, and Crystal’s books tell them, in a story form, what activities they can still do with these adults and that love persists. Check out Crystal’s other picture books here!

Why My AAC Device Changed My Life

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