Too Much! An Overwhelming Day

Too Much! An Overwhelming Day written by Jolene Gutierrez and illustrated by Angel Chang is a beautifully illustrated and written book about how it feels when the world is too much! For children with sensory processing disorders, the world of light and noise can be too much to handle. Children with sensory processing disorders feel the world in a different way.

I saw this picture book on instagram one day and knew that I had to have it! As a speech language pathologist who works with autistic children and adults, sensory overload can be daily struggle. In this book, the author and illustrate describe different visual, tactile, and auditory stimuli in a way that is relatable such as “The noise is loud and my ears ache” and “When I eat, I don’t like the crunch. Soft bananas? I’ll munch a bunch”. For many individuals, 

For many individuals who experience this sensory overload, learning the vocabulary is key! For those who have trouble communicating verbally, it is very important to teach vocabulary such as “hurt”, “bright”, “loud”, “quiet”, “go”, “need break”, “overwhelm”, “too much” and different feelings such as “sad”, “frustrated”, “excited”, etc.  When we feel overwhelmed as adults, we can express those feelings such as “It’s too crowded, I need to leave.” However, for children with complex communication needs, expressing themselves verbally can be challenging. That is why this book is such a wonderful resource for teachers, students, parents and caregivers.

Too Much! An Overwhelming Day

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