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Listen, Learn, and Grow

Listen, Learn, and Grow

A Whole Body Listening Larry Story to Help Kids Regulate, Listen and Engage

Listen, Learn, and Grow written by McAlister Greiner Huynk, Elizabeth Sautter and Kristen Wilson and illustrated by Eric Hutchison is a wonderful and neurodiverse perspective on whole body listening. If you have ever used the Whole Body Listening books with Listening Larry, you will see many updated changes in this new picture book.

In this book, the authors explain how Larry has changed in terms of celebrating neurodiversity. For example, in the beginning of the book the authors state “Not everyone listens the same way. We are all different, so it makes sense that we listen differently too.” Another important statement in the book, “Rather than teaching rules for how one ‘should’ look when listening, it’s important to teach children how to recognize their body’s unique needs for how they listen best.”

Throughout the book, the author explains certain terms such as listening and regulation. How do we use our bodies to regulate? The authors take the reader on an informative and exploratory adventure learning about the brain and how different parts of your brain help to regulate us and feel balanced. Listen, Learn, and Grow also incorporates mindfulness strategies to help focus your energy and stay focused on listening in the way that feels right to you! In the back of the book are tips for educators on “How to Encourage Whole Body Listening at School.”

Listen, Learn, and Grow

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