A Day With No Words

A Day With No Words

A Day With No Words written by Tiffany Hammond and illustrated by Kate Cosgrove is a beautifully written and illustrated book about a child with autism and complex communication needs. The author’s son, Aidan is non-speaking and communicates with nonverbal communication and his communication device.

This picture book describes nonverbal communication and highlights the bond between a mother and child. A Day with No Words also describes her and her son’s experience with Augmentative and Alternative Communication and how he interacts with the world in his own way. The author also captures the perspective of what it’s like as a parent when others think a child with no words doesn’t understand.

At the end of the book is a note from the author, where she discusses in more detail about her story and experience with communication. To learn more about this book, visit Tiffany’s website here.

To learn more about Aidan and to write him a letter, visit his page here!

A Day With No Words

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To learn more about the author, watch this interview below



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