Does your child have trouble standing up for themselves? I wanted to share an excellent book titled One (PreK – K) by Kathryn Otoshi. Having been a doormat for many years of my school years, I am trying to find ways to help my own children deal with this issue of getting picked on through book reading. Kathyn Otoshi has also written the books, Zero and Two which I will be reviewing in the future.

One begins with the color Blue discussing how he feels when he is with Red. Red is a hot head and picks on blue and the other colors until number 1 comes along and changes everything. This book teaches a child that it is not okay to pick on others and that all it takes is 1 person to stand up for themselves to change everything. It also teaches a child that we all have to work together to prevent bullying and to help respect one another. I also love the way Kathyrn bring colors to life and gives them feelings and personality.

There are certain books that teach extremely important lessons in a way that many young children can understand. This is certainty one of them! A must for your library at home! Also One is ideal for teaching feelings, colors and describing. Begin a discussion with your own children about how Blue and the other colors felt when Red picked on them.

Do you want to check out this book before purchasing it? Check out this video here…

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