My Brain is Powerful

My Brain is Powerful is a picture book written by a school psychologist, Lauren Munroe

Sam is a young boy who struggles with impulsivity and emotional dysregulation. At times, it is hard for Sam to control his body, pay attention and learn like everyone else. His parents decide that Sam should see Dr. Dana who teaches him about his “Powerful Brain” and the job of a neurotransmitter.

To help support Sam, Dr. Dana prescribes him medication and teaches him a variety of strategies that helps build his toolbox.

I really enjoyed this book! Both the words and illustrations blend well together into a story that is easy for children to understand and relate to especially those children struggling with ADHD, impulsivity, and increased distractibility. I also love the easy-to-use tips for children such as taking a body break and talking about your feelings. It’s also key for children to learn about different feeling words! 

This book is ideal to be used both in a school setting or in your home library.

My Brain is Powerful

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