Books by Lavelle Carlson, SLP and Children’s Book Author

Books by Lavelle Carlson

Lavelle was born in Texas and lived in England and Norway for ten years. Following her return from overseas she received her Masters in the field of speech/language pathology. During her career she worked with a variety of special children. These children as well as her grandchildren have been her inspiration for writing books. Her storybooks are written to entertain and teach early reading concepts.

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Bee, Honey Bunny and Me

Baby Bunny doesn’t like carrots. Can she be convinced to like them? How can the bees help to convince Leni? During the story, the characters discover the significance of bees,  how they make honey, and the beautiful flowers. It’s a great book for picky eaters and also gives a really nice introduction to the importance of bees and the environment. To learn more about this book, visit the book website here.

I am not sleeping!

This picture book is written in both English and Spanish. The first half of the book is written in English, then the next section is in Spanish. At the end of the book is a list of verb conjunctions in both English and Spanish. In this picture book, each page includes different verbs and verb conjunctions such as “What are you doing?” “I am eating, eating my cookies.” This book can be helpful in teaching children different verbs and grammar. I love the translations in Spanish as well, which opens the book up to both English and Spanish speakers. 

Eek! I Hear A Squeak

Eek! I Hear A Squeak and the Scurrying of Little Feet is about a young character who keeps hearing squeaks when he is trying to go to sleep. Where are those squeaks coming from? This picture book can be used for teaching early literacy. The repetition, rhyming and early language helps children interact with the story. At the end of the book, is a review of all of the names and characters. This can be used for expanding vocabulary and help with recalling events in the story. 

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