Interview with Founder of Knock Knock Give a Sock, Adina Lichtman

Would you like to teach your child about humanizing homelessness? Check out these two wonderful children’s books, Knock Knock Give a Sock and Knock Knock, Where’s My Sock?

These two books are part of the Pair of Books Project, which helps to “turn transactions into interactions.”

Knock Knock, Give a Sock is about a young girl named Crystal who moves into a shelter with her family. She loses a lucky sock during the move. Will she lose her luck without the sock? Throughout this book, the reader learns about Crystal and others who live in the shelter, such as her friend, Faith, whose apartment got destroyed by a fire. This book was written with the help from Chrystel, who helped Adina understand the experience of growing up in a shelter. In the back of this book, is a beautiful excerpt from Chrystel.  

Knock Knock, Where My Sock? is about a young girl named Didi who meets her neighbor on the street and learns that he needs socks. How will Didi help her neighbor, Diego? This book was based off of Adina’s experience in starting this non-profit organization.

To learn more about the Pair of Books Project, check out this video by Adina below!


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Adina Lichtman

Adina is the founder of Knock Knock, Give a Sock which she started during her sophomore year of college. She completed both an undergraduate and Master’s degree in social work at NYU. After finishing her studies, Adina decided to take KKGS full-time. She is in charge of the organization’s leadership and operations. When not busy collecting socks, Adina spends her time talking to strangers, painting, and traveling. Adina envisions a world where people are inclusive and work together to make a difference, and uses this as her daily motivation.

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