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Interview with Erica Blit, Creator of My Heart Books, Personalized Books for Children with Different Abilities

My Heart Books

Do you have a child with a disability? Have you had trouble finding the right book for your child or student? Check out My Heart Books, which is a business that began with one mom’s idea to help her family and teach others about her child with multiple disabilities. After meeting Erica, I immediately wanted to share her story about her son Brandon. 

My Heart Books began with one book, My Brother Brandon, and grew into a business that can help others. After Erica created this book with her daughter, Skylar, she realized that other families should have access to making their own books. This is what began My Heart Books. With My Heart Books, you can create and personalize your own books with personal photographs, avatars, and assistive technology tools (e.g., wheelchairs, etc.).  When making the book, Erica includes a detailed questionnaire to personalize the story the way that you want, which helps to make the book even more individual.

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To check out how Erica creates these books, watch the video below!

My Brother Brandon 

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About Erica Blit

Erica Blit resides in Harrison, NY, with her husband Matthew and her two children, Brandon and Skylar. Brandon was born with a rare genetic disorder that caused a number of medical issues and developmental delays. When her 2-year-old daughter started asking questions about why her older brother didn’t speak, Erica decided to write My Brother Brandon, to help explain Brandon to her. Years later, after seeing how much this helped, her young daughter, Erica founded My Heart Books, an online resource where you can create a fully customizable children’s book about someone you love with special needs. Also included on the website is information on how to host your own book workshops for schools and organizations. Also included on the website, are helpful resources. 

To learn more about Erica, check out her story here.

Do you want to see a sample of the book? Check it out here.


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