High Flyers 15 Inspiring Women Aviators and Astronauts

High Flyers, 15 Inspiring Women Aviators and Astronauts

High Flyers, 15 Inspiring Women Aviators and Astronauts written by educator and author Ann McCallum Staats is another wonderful book in the Women of Power Series by Chicago Review Press. This book includes 15 stories of heroic women that defeated all odds to obtain their dream job. High Flyers is organized into three different sections. Part 1: Elevated (10,000-18,000 feet); Part 2: Altitude (30,000-45,000 feet), and Part 3: Outside Earth (62 + miles). 

There are wonderful stories written in this book, which go into detail about each featured woman. I will highlight one woman per section below to get an idea of the stories included in this book.

Part 1: Elevated

Brooke Roman: I am fascinated by Alaska, so I found Brooke’s story to be especially fascinating. Brooke began her adventure in Alaska as a seaplane aviator. Flying in Alaska can be challenging given the weather and few runways and airstrips. However, Brooke took this on with vigor and was determined to learn. Read the book to learn more about Brooke! To follow Brooke on Instagram, click here.

Part 2: Altitude

Katie Higgins Cook: I found this story to be especially interesting given my son’s strong interest in the Blue Angels. After watching a documentary about the Blue Angels, I was immediately captivated by this story about Katie. To learn more about the Blue Angels, click here. Katie attended a Blue Angels show when she was eight years old and absolutely loved it. What did Katie want to be when she grew up? Read the book to learn more about how Katie worked hard to achieve her ultimate goal! To follow Katie on Instagram, click here.

Part 3: Outside Earth

Karen Nyberg: Karen Nyberg is an astronaut and artist. She is also a mom that made the difficult decision to take on the opportunity to go into space after her son was born. I loved to read about her journey to becoming an astronaut and how she brought her artistic abilities into space! To learn more about Karen, follow her on Instagram here.


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Check out my podcast with Ann here. We talk about her book, Thrill Seekers, another book in the Women in Power Series.

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