Golden Girl

Golden Girl written by Reem Faruqi is a middle-grade novel about a seventh-grader named Aafiyah Qamar. This middle-grade novel centers around the concepts of right and wrong, friendship, and the connection of the family unit. Aafiyah has a big secret that she doesn’t want anyone to know including her best friend and family. She loves to “borrow” things. To her, it means taking someone’s else things and giving them back when she’s ready to give them back (or not). When her family gets into a difficult situation, she decides to hatch her own plan to help with the solution. Throughout the book, Aafiyah learns about controlling her impulses, understanding trust, and rebuilding friendships after difficult times. 

I really enjoyed this book because many books do not address the act of stealing, especially among young teens. I also love how the author weaves in other themes such as family, friendships, and trust. In the end, it was Aafiyah’s family who helped guide her through difficult times. I also love how the book is written, which is in verse. 

How do we discuss stealing with your child? It can be a very difficult topic to discuss with your child and a topic that we often assume children understand. How do we discuss stealing with your child?

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