This Could Be You…Be brave! Be true! Believe! Be You!

This Could Be You

“No matter where your dreams take you, your own unique flair will get you there. Keep pushing…it could be you!” (This Could Be You, 2022)

This Could Be You written by Cindy Williams Schrauben and illustrated by Julia Seal is a beautiful picture book about growth mindset. One of the most wonderful things about being a child is the endless possibilities in your future.  Children can dream of whatever they want to be and it’s an age of innocence that we lose as we get older. This book highlights this age of exploration and the endless possibilities of different occupations. Does your child want to be an artist? How about a nurse? Each page highlights different jobs and also keywords that can be used to expand on vocabulary. 

This picture book also rhymes, which can help raise phonemic awareness for young children. The rhyming words are also bolded, which increases print awareness for emerging readers!

This Could Be You also highlights diverse characters with bright and engaging illustrations by Julia Seal. While reading this book aloud, pause and define words as you read. Also, talk about the different scenes such as taking care of our oceans and caring for others. At the end of the book is a fun surprise that will delight all children! The book jacket also serves as a poster that can hang in a classroom or home. I love the overall positive vibe of this book! 

This Could Be You: Be Brave! Be True! Believe! Be You!

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Readers Guide

This picture book is ideal to be used in both classrooms and at home. Check out this free reading guide here for tips on how to incorporate this book in your classroom! The reader’s guide incorporates common core standards and fun activities. 

To learn more about this book, check out the trailer below!

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