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Interview with Kelsey Brown, Author of Come On, Calm!

Come On, Calm!

Come On, Calm! is a wonderful, interactive book that is not just a story, it’s a therapeutic experience when reading it with your child. I love supporting other speech-language pathologists in their journey in writing children’s books since we have such a unique perspective with regard to neurodiversity. Come On, Calm! written by Kelsey Brown and illustrated by Joseph Wrightson is a picture book published by Mascot Books that embeds calming strategies for young children. The book was originally written as a poem by the author. It focuses on specific vocabulary and action words with step-by-step ideas for co-regulation with your child. Come On, Calm! embeds language such as emotional vocabulary (e.g. nervous, excited) with strategies such as “sniffing”, “squeezing”, “zipping”, “brushing” and much more. The book is beautifully illustrated and bursts with energy! 

I love how the book naturally embeds movement and a multi-sensory experience. When reading this book, practice the different movements with your child and/or student. Work on print awareness by pointing to the words in the book and doing consistent check-ins with feelings. This book also helps children understand what “calm” means. Listen to our podcast above to learn more about tips from Kelsey!

To purchase this book, visit Kelsey’s website here.

To watch a short clip about the illustrator, watch below!

About Author, Kelsey Brown

Kelsey Brown is a DC-based speech-language pathologist by day and teaching artist/children’s book author (“Come On, Calm,” 2019) by night, weekend, and summer. She has undergraduate degrees in Communication Sciences and Disorders and Theatre from The University of Georgia and a Master’s of Science in Communication Disorders from Emerson College. Kelsey’s experience includes working with and learning from the folks at St. Coletta of Greater Washington, Boston Children’s Hospital, the Access Champions podcast, Imagination Stage, Soaring Starts Early Learning & Arts, and Camp Twin Lakes. You can connect with her @comeoncalmbook on social media or at comeoncalmbook.com.

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