Children’s Books Published by ASHA Press

New books available from ASHA Press

I was very excited to hear that ASHA (American Speech and Hearing Association) Press is publishing children’s books. To check out the ASHA store, click here. To learn more about children’s books being written by speech-language pathologists, check out my article here. 

An Alphabet Pet Parade in Topsy-Turvy Town, Population 26

An Alphabet Pet Parade in Topsy Turvey Town, Population 26 is written by speech-language pathologist Judith E. Torres and is illustrated by Christiane Engel. This beautifully diverse children’s book takes the reader through a stroll at the Topsy-Turvey Pet Parade. As Zoe rides her bike through Topsy Turvey Town, she meets all different people! Some of these people include Arnold A. Armstrong and Barbara B. Boring. Each person Zoe meets starts with a different letter of the alphabet.

This book is fun to read with children and is an excellent way to incorporate literacy into your speech and language sessions and the classroom. Included in the book are a glossary of animals, questions about the story, and questions about letters and the alphabet. To learn more about the author, visit Judith’s website here. 

To preview the story, click here.

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The Everyday Adventures of Mrs. Dennis, Speech-Language Pathologist

The Everyday Adventures of Mrs. Dennis, Speech-Language Pathologist written by Carissima Gori Uptmor explores the various ways speech-language pathologists help children with communication disorders and delays. This book starts off with a brief preface explaining what a speech-language pathologist is and raising awareness of our role in schools. This story begins with the quote, “Everyone learns differently, and everyone needs help in different ways.” At the end of the story is a “Find out more about communication disorders” section which defines specific vocabulary for others such as receptive language disorders, reading and writing disorders, and AAC. 

I really enjoy this book because it can be an excellent tool for teachers, parents, and other providers within the school setting. I love the illustrations by Gisela Bohorquez and the comprehensiveness of all of the different ways we help children. It’s an important book and an excellent resource. 

To watch a preview of the book, check out the video here!  

Everybody Needs a Turn

Everybody Needs a Turn written by Denise Underkoffler and illustrated by Lindsay Dale-Scott is a story about siblings Hanna and Peter. Hanna is jealous when Peter, who has a speech and language disorder is getting all of the attention from her parents. When is her turn? Hanna took the opportunity to get involved with helping Peter and becoming his talking buddy. This book is wonderful for families who are working through similar situations with their children. At the end of the book are ten tips to enhance communication with your whole family. There are also questions about the story that can help springboard conversation with children. 

To check out a preview of the story, click here.


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