DJ Funkyfoot Give Cheese a Chance

DJ Funkyfoot Give Cheese a Chance

DJ Funkyfoot Give Cheese a Chance To the New Year is part of the Flytrap Files series written by Tom Angleberger and illustrated by Heather Fox. This book published by Abram Books is #2 in the DJ Funkyfoot series, It is a great sequel but also a stand-alone early chapter book. The story is full of humor, literacy opportunities, and vocabulary expansion. The story begins with the introduction of the character, DJ MC Funkyfoot. Who is DJ MC Funkyfoot? Is he a deejay? Is he an emcee? Nope, he is a butler? Who would have guessed? Then begins the adventure of DJ Funkyfoot and his new job serving the President of the United States for the day. DJ Funkyfoot thinks this is the opportunity of a lifetime! Check out the book to read more!

Humor and Literacy Opportunities

There is a ton of humor and abstract language in this book, which is ideal for children that struggle to understand this type of language. For example, why is it silly for the president to want to play mini-golf? 

This book is also a great opportunity for phonological awareness. The names are fun to read and say like Cedric Dragonsmasher! For children that struggle with reading, this can be a good opportunity to have fun with sounding out words. The text is large and with the pictures, this early chapter book is wonderful for those that are just starting to read chapter books and/or having reading disabilities such as dyslexia. Vocabulary expansion is natural with this book as well. What is a peace treaty? What is a butler? Why does DJ Funkyfoot say “sir” so much? These are perfect opportunities to talk about different words and why we use them in certain concepts and not others. 

DJ Funkyfoot: Give Cheese a Chance (DJ Funkyfoot 2) (The Flytrap Files)

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