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Interview with the Creators of CalmConnect, Roberta Scherf and Chris Bye

CalmConnect…created by Priohealth

What is CalmConnect?

CalmConnect is a patented system containing dozens of short (2 – 5 minute) digital sequences designed to quickly and effectively calm the nervous system and build a bridge to the social world. The program is used around the world in thousands of schools and therapy centers, as well as in hospitals, behavioral health centers, cognitive care centers, and homes.

CalmConnect is a program that I have been using with my students since 2010, which was a long time ago! Back then, the program was called MeMoves. Each morning, every classroom in the school that I working in would be doing MeMoves. The program brought a feeling of calmness, reflection, and mindfulness for all of us including both students and adults. After leaving that particular school, I lost touch with the program for many years until recently. One of my students who is Autistic and has complex communication needs, would often request breaks and needed movement, but each time we would go for a walk, he wouldn’t ever come back to the task. I thought about this particular program and longed to introduce my student to it. I knew that this is what he needed to feel calm and focused for our sessions. When I found CalmConnect, I immediately got in touch with Chris Bye about starting the program again and scheduling an interview so we could talk further about the journey of CalmConnect. I began using CalmConnect with my student and he immediately responded to it by being able to focus during our sessions and was visibly calm and relaxed.

This program is a subscription-based program and is streamed through their website at Priohealth.  

What is the science behind CalmConnect? Read this blog post to learn more.

To learn more about CalmConnect, visit their website here.

To check out CalmConnect, more check out this video below and how it’s utilized.

Roberta Scherf and Chris Bye

Roberta Scherf’s experience with Post-traumatic stress disorder and as the mother of a child with autism fueled her drive to understand the nervous system and self-regulation. She spent more than twenty years developing an innovative program that helps people to manage their own nervous system and behavior. Before that, she worked with non-profit organizations after studying Psychology, Speech and Hearing Science, and Russian at Carleton College and the University of Minnesota.

As the co-creator of CalmConnect, Chris Bye has spent more than fifteen years developing the first patented system for self-regulation.   Chris did his undergraduate work at Gustavus Adolphus College and his graduate work at UW-Madison.  He has taught numerous classes at UW-Madison, UW-River Falls, and the University of St. Thomas.   He has presented at numerous conferences and seminars on the importance of safe, social engagements as a primary means of reducing anxiety and depression in people of all ages, and developing tools to help those with special challenges.

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