Interview with Ori Gutin, Author of The Butterfly Who Flew In The Rain

The Butterfly Who Flew In The Rain

The Butterfly Who Flew in the Rain written by Ori Gutin and illustrated by Winny Kwong-Sito is a story about Cody, a little caterpillar who is born in the middle of a terrible thunderstorm. He feels sad and alone and wonders if he will ever find any happiness until one afternoon he starts to change! He becomes a butterfly, the sky becomes bright and warm and all of the animals in the forest come out. When a storm returns, Cody worries he will feel sad again. He then realizes that he doesn’t have to feel that way because he can persevere and work through his feelings.

I really enjoyed this book because it talks about going through hardships and working through different feelings of isolation and sadness. Many children may go through these feelings throughout our pandemic with remote learning, lack of socialization, etc. What do we do when we feel like this? The author takes the reader through overcoming obstacles and working through difficult feelings.

In the back of this book is a section dedicated to social emotional learning and guided discussion questions. 

To access more social emotional resources, visit Ori’s website here.

Proceeds of the book will donated to MassUndocuFund and Compass Family Services.

FREE READERS GUIDE: To download the free readers guide with this book, click here.

The Butterfly Who Flew in the Rain

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About Ori Gutin

Ori Gutin is an up and coming picture book author who just released his debut title, The Butterfly Who Flew in the Rain. As a student working towards his Masters in Counseling Psychology and a career as a youth therapist, Ori passionately believes in the power of stories to help create more emotionally aware, expressed, and resilient children. Outside of writing and grad school, Ori is an Ironman triathlete, a Vipassana meditator, and an avid traveler. Ori currently lives in Berkeley with his partner, and a quirky little cat named Furby. You can see more of Ori’s work at his website: 

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