What Can Hayes Be?

What Can Hayes Be?

What Can Hayes Be? is a wonderful story of a young boy with a prosthetic leg. This book was written by Hayes mom, Kayce Smith. To learn more about Kayce, visit her website here.

What Can Hayes Be? published by Mascot Books brings the reader through the story of Hayes, who “had a leg of steel that changed as he grew”. The author takes the reader through the various color and shape options and how this empowers him versus holding him back. After learning of her son’s right limb deficiency, Kayce wanted to provide a story of strength and inspiration for children who has prosthetic limbs and provide resources for parents. 

Hayes can do anything he wants to do! He can play golf, surf, do ninja kicks and much more! I love this picture book because it teaches children a growth mindset and also about prosthetics, which they might not learn about unless they meet a person with one. Children can learn more about Hayes and his journey here!

What Can Hayes Be?

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Language Tips

As you are reading this book, discuss what a prosthetic leg is and how it may be similar or different than any other leg. Discuss Hayes and how he feels about having a prosthetic leg. The words “empowered” and “strong” can be discussed. Ask your child/student what makes them different and unique. What other prosthetics are available? 

The book highlights key words in a different color. Review these words and ask your child what they would choose to be. Be creative and ask them to either write a sentence or two or draw a picture. These can lead to fun discussions about different occupations and interests. 



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