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Interview with Middle Grade Author, Jamie Sumner

Roll With It

Roll With It is a middle grade novel about a strong character named Ellie. Ellie tells it like it is and surprises many people with her strong opinions and no nonsense attitude. Ellie has cerebral palsy and is wheelchair bound, which makes people judge her right away as needing help and being judged as less independent. She has big dreams and craves independence and long lasting friendships. Where will she find this? 

When she moves with her mom to help take care of her grandpa, she finds discovers strength, independence and friendships. Roll With It is a story of friendship, strength, family relationships and working through challenges. It’s also a story of learning about misconceptions and being less judgmental. Roll With It builds character and empathy with the reader. 

Tune It Out

Tune It Out is about a young girl named Lou, who has the voice of an angel. In the beginning of story, she lives with her mom and struggles with her sensory processing disorder and finances. After being moved to a new home with her aunt and uncle, Lou discovers things about herself and the importance of family and friendships. She deals with the discovery and treatment of her Sensory Processing Disorder and how to work through the challenges to be the best version of herself. This is a book that should be on all library shelves as well as home libraries! 

Roll with It

Tune It Out

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About Author, Jamie Sumner

Jamie Sumner is the author of the critically acclaimed middle grade novels, Roll With It and Tune It Out. She is also the author of the nonfiction books, Unbound and Eat, Sleep, Save the World for parents of children with special needs. Jamie has written for the New York Times and The Washington Post as well as other publications. She is also the reviews editor at Literary Mama. She lives with her family in Nashville, Tennessee and loves stories that celebrate grit and beauty in all kids.

To learn more about Jamie Sumner, visit her website here.

To watch Jamie talk about being a special needs parent, watch below:


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