Interview with Holly Sharp, Author of Dream It and Do It…100 Possibilities, Stories, and Real Life Role Models

Dream It and Do It..100 Possibilities, Stories, Real-Life Role Models

Are you looking to help your child learn about different careers? Check out this book written by Holly Sharp that takes the reader through all types of careers. In the book include the following: Artistic Writers, Artistic Performers, Artistic Designers, Helpers: Service, Helpers: Medical, Helpers: Growth, Helpers: Nature, Lemonade Stand (Business), Product Developers and Discovers.

Holly Sharp is a new mom who realized that there weren’t enough career-focused books out there for her daughter. So she wrote Dream It & Do It, a collection of 100 short stories based on real people who have followed their dreams.

The book begins with a short introduction by Holly Sharp which explains the importance of each person making their mark in the world as well as the constant changes in technology. Her question to the reader is, “What will be your role in this change?”

I love this book because it has so many wonderful stories about different people who made the world a better place. Some of the people featured include; Maya Penn, Ocean Ramsey, Sal Khan and many others!

To learn more about Dream It and Do It, visit Holly’s website here.

Dream It & Do It: 100 Possibilities, Stories and Real-Life Role Models

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