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Feeloty Cards

Feeloty Cards

One day when browsing for social emotional learning materials, I came across the company, Feeloty. I was immediately interested in learning more about the speaking cards and Nice to Meet you cards. 

These cards are developed by Drorit Bikowky, an art therapist, founder of the therapy studio workshop “Place for Emotion” and CBT Expert. Galit Bar Fuertes is a senior UI/UX Designer. 

Speaking Cards

The speaking cards are an excellent tool to help facilitate conversations with emotional content. Here are some ideas to use at home or in speech therapy!

Choose a card and label the feeling.

Select a card and imitate the facial expression.

Pick a card and discuss the feeling and experience with that specific emotion.

Give your child up to 10 cards and have them choose how they are feeling at that moment.

Write a sentence about each card (via pen/paper or typing)

Play a guessing game to guess the feeling based your facial expressions for gestures.

Nice to Meet Cards

These cards are super fun to play! Each card displays two pictures. I have played this game with my kids and during speech language therapy sessions with my students both in person and via teletherapy. With these cards, we play “What do you like better?”, or “Would you rather?” This game helps facilitate really nice conversations and specific interests and character traits. For example, are you “neat” or “messy”? This game helps encourage commenting, descriptive language, social interaction and turn taking in conversation. It can also target negation (e.g. I am not messy). I have also used this cards to answer the question, “Why?”. For example, with the card “evening” or “morning”. I ask my students, “What do you like better, evening or morning?” and then we talk about why they enjoy that part of the day which also targets time concepts. This game is also ready to play right out of the box, which I love!

Feeloty Nice to Meet – Vivid Question Cards to Start Meaningful Conversations, for Family, Therapy and Educators – Fun Table Topics Game for Dinner, Road Trip and Icebreaking Activities

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