Interview with SLP Team Kristi and Becca from Communication Community

(please disregard mistake in podcast introduction. Their website is communication community, not communications community)

Adapting Books for AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) Users

Why adapt books for AAC users?  Here are five reasons to start adapting books!

Make books accessible for children with disabilities.

Make books multisensory!

Highlight target core words in story.

Increase student participation and make story interactive.

Provide visual and tactile cues for improve participation and understanding.

I have been adapting books for over 20 years and love the process. To read an article I wrote on 5 Ways to Make Book Reading a Sensory Experience, click here.

The Monkey BalloonFREE RESOURCE! I have also provided a way to adapt my children’s book that I wrote with my co-author Mindy Winebrenner and illustrator Yuki Osada here.

To learn more about The Monkey Balloon, go to our website here.

To learn more about Sharing Reading with your AAC user, watch this video below!



About Kristi and Becca from Communication Community

I wanted to take this process of adapting books one step further by interviewing Kristi and Becca from Communication Community. I have worked with this SLP (Speech Language Pathology) team on a guest post about AAC during Food Prep during cooking. Check out the post here!

Becca is currently living in Denver, Colorado. She works primarily with adults using AAC but has experience in schools and hospitals. Kristi lives in Florida and spends most of her professional time working for programs treating pediatric and young adult populations with autism.

To check out their website, click here.

To read their article about the best children’s book for speech and language development, click here.

To access free resources on their TPT store, click here.



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