Raja’s Pet Camel The Magic of Hope

Raja’s Pet Camel, The Magic of Hope

Raja’s Pet Camel The Magic of Hope written by author Anita Nahta Amin and illustrated by Parwinder Singh is a wonderful story about a young boys journey finding his forever pet, Kamal. It’s also a story that is educational and helps children learn more about Indian culture.

The story begins with Raja walking home from school and finding “a lone baby camel crying”. What does he do? Raja moves cautiously towards the baby camel, who is at first scared until she spots Raja’s shiny lunchbox. The pair immediately hit it off by playing tag and hide and seek. Raja decides to bring his pet camel home and hopes that his father will accept Kamal as their new pet. His father, Bapu is skeptical but decides to let his son keep Kamal until someone claims her. Raja is overjoyed and has hope that Kamal can stay.

However, as time goes on, Kamal becomes quite a handful! He becomes a trouble maker around the house and Raja’s father decides to sell him at the local fair. What will Raja do to keep Kamal? Read the book to find out!

Thar Desert Facts

Raja’s Pet Camel also include 10 Facts about the Thar Desert in India at the end of the story. I love these facts because it can lead to productive and reflective conversations about Indian culture and how it may differ from other cultures. For example, “When it is too hot inside, Indians sleep on cots or mats on the rooftop.” I know my children thought that was really cool!

After talking with Anita on my podcast, I wanted to share some pictures of the desert that inspired Anita to write the book! Anita provided me with these pictures of Thar Desert, which lead to her inspiration behind Raja’s Pet Camel.

Raja’s Pet Camel: The Magic of Hope

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Free Readers Guide

Cardinal Rule Press, who published this wonderful book also provides readers with a free educator’s guide that can be used in the classroom (both in person and virtual classroom).  It’s also a great tool to be used for homeschooling or enrichment. 

To access this readers guide, click here!

About Anita Nahta Amin

Anita Nahta Amin is the author of children’s fiction and nonfiction books and short stories. Her work is often inspired by her STEM background and her Indian heritage. A former information technology business consultant, her family roots stretch across North India, from the vibrant camel-filled desert of royal Rajasthan to the bustling river city of Kolkata. She lives in Florida with her husband and twin children and can often be found daydreaming on a good walk. Please drop her a line at www.AnitaAminBooks.com or @AnitaAminKidLit (Twitter and Instagram) – she would love to hear from you!



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