Things That Go Away

Things That Go Away

“In life, many things go away. They transform….”

To call this book a work of art is an understatement. When I received Things That Go Away, I was blown away by the details of the art and interesting formatting of the book. Things That Go Away written and illustrated by the talented Beatrice Alemagna is about things that have a start and an end. Its about change, beginnings, endings and the circle of life.

I chose this book to feature this week because when times are difficult, it can feel like it lasts forever! Things That Go Away helps remind our children that life is about change, transition and changing moments. However, it’s also a book to take time to pause and remind ourselves that we need to stay in the moment more and take in all of the silver linings. Another important thing to remember is that as much things change, they remain the same such as a parents love for their child.

What starts and goes away? Falling leaves, tears, music, bubbles and dust are just some examples. As you are reading this book to your child, take notice of the text and the interesting layout of the book. Let your child explore how the illustrations change with each page that is turned and take time to pause and talk about each page.

Language Tips

As you are reading this book, focus on new vocabulary words such as “transform”, “depart”, “trace”, “wound” and “vanish”. What do these words mean? To help your child use and understand these words, use them in conversation.

Use this book, Things That Go Away to have a conversation about the current pandemic. How does your child feel being in remote learning or in person learning? Does it feel like it will never go away? Take time to talk about this, which can lead to a meaningful conversation about change and emotions. Make a list of things that change such as the seasons, friendships, etc. What changes quickly and what takes time to change? Take a moment to reflect with your child about what has changed in their lifetime and what has remained the same? This beautiful book will stay on my bookshelf for many years to come!

Things That Go Away
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