Interview with Author and Professional Counselor, Lori Ann Copeland

Hunter and His Amazing Remote Control

Are you looking for a picture book to help your child with self-regulation and impulsivity?

Hunter and His Amazing Remote Control by Lori Ann Copeland is a fantastic book for all children, but specifically helpful for those with attention and impulsivity difficulties. The book is about a young boy named Hunter begins the story using a remote control while watching television. He suddenly gets the best idea! What is he invented a remote control that can control his brain? 

Hunter is creative, enthusiastic and full of energy. However, it’s sometimes hard to focus and pay attention when needs to. This need for movement and a feeling of not being understood leads to frustration. That’s why he has his remote control to help him!

Throughout the book, Hunter explains all of the different buttons a remote control such as “pause”, “rewind”, “slow motion”, and “fast forward”. Do you ever wish you can hit “pause” and give yourself some time to think about something before doing it? That’s what the pause button is for!

Other buttons on the remote control include “way to go”, which reminds children of their own hard work and success. I love the button “zap” , which helps children stay positive and not turn their negative thoughts into reality. 

Hunter and His Amazing Control is a wonderful book for both home and in the classroom setting. In our podcast, Lori and I also discuss how to use it virtually for remote learning. A book such as this one is timeless and very important specifically, especially during this pandemic. It’s so easy to become distracted during both remote learning and in person learning.

Hunter and His Amazing Remote Control

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Self Regulation Program

The Amazing Remote Control Companion Guide provides a series of 10 lesson topics with more than 50 activities and handouts to help children learn self-regulation and impulse control skills. The program features  activities that teach concepts and skills children can apply to their day-to-day lives. These lessons can be helpful in both a classroom, virtual or home schooling environment. 

The Amazing Remote Control Self-Regulation Program

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Lori Ann Copeland

Lori Ann Copeland is a licensed professional counselor and registered play therapist who has lived in Abilene Texas for 26 years. She recently completed the requirements to become a national board certified health and wellness coach.

Lori owns her own private practice, Resilience Integrative Counseling where she offers individual counseling, health coaching, play therapy and sand tray therapy. For more information, visit her at her website. 


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