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Let’s Go Play

“I wanted all children to find a character they could relate to, even if they are not equipment users themselves. My hopes are to ultimately demystify the equipment for young learner’s, and to help in creating a more accepting world for all. ” Shelby McCarthy

Let’s Go Play

When I saw this children’s book, Let’s Go Play, I immediately wanted to learn more about this book that promotes inclusion, assistive technology tools and adaptive equipment.

I love finding inclusive books that portray a variety of different characters and also promote the use of assistive technology. As a speech language pathologist in the field of assistive technology, specifically AAC I love finding inclusive books to share with the children on my caseload as well as my readers on my blog. Over the years through blogging and writing, I have found wonderful books that embrace diversity and build awareness for children with varying disability. Let’s Go Play is one of my favorites now!

Let’s Go Play written by speech and language pathologist, Shelby McCarthy and illustrated by Rachel Batislaong is a picture book that introduces adaptive equipment in a fun, rhyming, inviting way.  To learn more about her inspiration behind her book, check out this article written on AAC Language Lab.

The book covers eleven different tools such as a wheelchair, mask, communication device, stander, vent, therapy dog and much more. When reading this book to one of my students, this image below was her favorite!

Read Aloud Tips

Let’s Go Play is a wonderful book for all students. It’s a wonderful way to introduce diversity in the classroom and help children understand these useful tools. The author, Shelby McCarthy introduces these tools in a fun and magical way that all readers can relate to. Also, for children with varying disabilities, this book can be empowering and exciting! When reading this book with a class of children, stop and pause for comments and questions. 

Let’s Go Play is also a wonderful tool to build vocabulary, trigger conversation with others and promote imaginary play. To learn more about read aloud tips for you and your child, check out my ebook here.  

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To learn more about the book, check out this youtube video below. 



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