Interview with Children’s Book Author, Heather Lean

Angel Grandma

Angel Grandma written by Heather Lean and illustrated by Sudipta Dasgupta is a beautiful children’s book with a heartfelt written poem about when a loved one passes away. I personally connect with the book because of the recent passing of my mother in February of this year. Losing a mother is so difficult no matter what age you are. Since the passing of my beloved mom and grandmother to my children, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of her and miss her.  During this current pandemic, so many people have lost loved ones. Additionally, it is even harder for these families because many people were not able to express a proper goodbye which leaves many people without any closure. I am grateful that I was with my mom the day she passed and tell her how much I loved her.  So many other people did not have that opportunity due to restrictions with COVID-19.

This book is a reminder for those that have passed that they will not be forgotten and are watching over us. Angel Grandma is full of unique illustrations that help portray the beautiful moments in life (such as hiking, boating, bedtime, etc) and that our loved ones are with us. It’s very hard to explain to young children when a loved one passes away. Everyone has different ways to explain this loss. Heather’s book, Angel Grandma can be a unique tool for families coping with the loss of a loved one.

Angel Grandma

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Heather Lean

Angel Grandma is Heather Lean’s first book. Heather and her children talk about their angel grandmas all the time. While her own children might not have many specific memories of them, Heather felt it was important to always keep the memories of these women alive by telling stories about them. Angel Grandma was written to convey the message to both children and adults that those we love are always with us even if we physically cannot see them. Angel Grandma was created to help parents talk about this sensitive topic with their children in a way that is both beautiful and comforting. 

A portion of the net proceeds of Heather’s books will be donated to Hearts to be Heard. Their mission is to give a voice to heart-felt creativity for those who otherwise would not be heard.

Learn more about Heather Lean here.

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