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Jason’s Secret

Jason’s Secret

Do you have an older child that stutters?

Jason’s Secret written by Ellen Marie Silverman is a wonderful chapter book about a fifth grader named Jason. Jason struggles with his stuttering speech disorder in many ways including socially and academically. He is starting a new school and desperately wants to fit in. He wants to wear the right clothes and for his peers to know he is smart and great at chess. Will his classmates find out about his speech disorder of stuttering?

Stuttering is hard to hide! Jason finds himself frustrated with himself and others about his speech disorder. Will speech therapy help? At first, he refuses to go to speech therapy based on his previous experience. However, in his new school he meets a new speech language pathologist named Annie. Annie is wonderful and helps him learn how to work through his stuttering and find hope is being a successful communicator. As he progresses in speech and language therapy, Jason’s begin to open up and finds hope as he gains control over his stuttering and feels empowered. He also finds new friendships and confidence that he didn’t even know he had. This book is a must read for tweens and teens struggling with stuttering.

I learned about this book from speech language pathologist and stuttering expert, Lori Melnitsky who wrote the foreword for this book. Lori Melnitsky is Director of All Island Speech and Stuttering Therapy in New York. For more information, go to her website here.

About Ellen Marie Silverman

Dr. Ellen Marie Silverman knows a lot about stuttering because she stutters as well. She has been stuttering since she was three years old and became a speech language pathologist so she can help others. She wrote this book Jason’s secret to help others and teach children that they don’t need to hide their stuttering and that there is hope and support out there. Ellen’s other books include Mind Matters, Mindfulness & Stuttering, Relief from Stuttering and Shegate. To learn more about Ellen, visit her amazon page here. 

JASON’S SECRET: Complete Edition (The Jason Loring Trilogy Book 1)

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