Anna Strong, A Spy During the American Revolution

Anna Strong, A Spy During the American Revolution

Are you looking for a picture book for Women’s History Month? Look no further!

Anna Strong, A Spy During the American Revolution written by Sarah Glenn Marsh and illustrated by Sarah Green is unique story about a very intelligent and brave moment named Anna Smith. Anna Smith is widely recognized as the only female member of the Culper Ring, America’s first spy network. She was one of George Washington’s most trusted agents and passed important messages in clever ways such as writing in code and hanging her laundry in a pattern that only spies would recognize!

Anna Strong begins with an introduction of Anna’s life, including her family history and birthplace in Setauket, Long Island. Anna Smith Strong was born on April 14, 1740. She married Selah Strong III in 1760, and they had nine children.

The author takes the reader through Anna’s dangerous and difficult endeavors as a spy such as pretending to be Abraham’s wife and helping to save her husband, who was also a spy. At the end of the book, there is an interesting Author’s Note and Artist’s Note. These notes gives you additional information about Anna as well as personal insight into the creation of this book. Also included in the book is a notes section, selected bibliography and an index. Having all of these resources can help a child learn to use an index and learn how to find facts within the book with ease. 

Language and Learning Tips

This book is full of history and interesting facts! As you read the book, comment to your child about the various traits and emotions that Anna must have felt when she was a spy. Anna went through many emotions throughout the book and had many unique traits as a character and history figure. 

For a fun activity, write your own secret messages!  Anna Strong includes a “write your own secret messages” fun activity as well as a recipe for Invisible Ink! 

Are you a teacher? Check out this lesson plan that I found that can be helpful in your classroom! Do you want to teach your child about the Culper Ring? Check out this website here.

Anna Strong: A Spy During the American Revolution

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