Interview with Autism Coach and Creator of The Mom Kind, Alicia Trautwein

About Alicia Trautwein, Creator of The Mom Kind

Today I will be interviewing Alicia Trautwein, the creator of The Mom Kind. She is a writer and serial motivational speaker. Raised in Mississippi, she now lives in Saint Louis, Missouri with her husband and four children.  On her blog, she shares the ups and downs of raising three autistic children while being on the autism spectrum herself.

When she’s not working with her children or website, you can find her at church or curled up with a good book.

She is also the author of an e-book, titled Autism, A Parenting Journey. Listen to our podcast to learn more about Alicia plus tips for parenting a child with Autism.

Autism: A Parenting Journey

Would you like parenting advice for your child with Autism? Check out this free e-book that Alicia wrote to help guide parents through this journey. To download this free ebook, click here.

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