The Road Not Taken

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

When I walked into a small creaky bookstore named the Bear Pond Bookstore in Stowe, Vermont this picture book, The Road Not Taken illustrated by Vivian Mineker  caught my eye. The beautiful cover and captivating illustrations immediately interested me. 

The Road Not Taken is a famous poem written by Robert Frost that can be interpreted in many ways. As individuals, we make decisions every day. How do those decisions affect the rest of our life? 

This picture book takes the reader on a journey of a young boy who progresses through life. Life events such as college, marriage, children, etc are part of this story and interpretation. This book is special as a gift but can be also be enjoyed through repeated readings with your child about life’s decisions.

Language Tips

As you are reading this book with your child, stop to define specific words. For example on the first page “two roads diverged in a yellow wood”. Define that word for your child as you read the story as well as other new words.

I think most importantly this book highlights abstract language and different interpretations. At the end of the book, ask your child about the main character. What happens to the boy throughout the story? What decisions does he make?

Discuss with your child some of the decisions they have made in their life. In my own experience, I asked my child about our choice switching to a different school. What would have happened if we went down the other path? How about, “What would have happened if you chose to go to a different camp?” or “What would happen if they didn’t meet their best friend?” There is no right or wrong answer, it’s meant to think outside the box and initiate imaginative thoughts!

To view the entire poem, click here.

Are you a teacher? Check out this link for lesson plans.

To learn more about Robert Frost, watch this video below!

The Road Not Taken
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