Interview with Author, Speaker and Literacy Activist, Caroline Brewer

About Author, Speaker and Literacy Activist, Caroline Brewer

Today I will be interviewing Caroline Brewer, author, speaker and literacy activist. Caroline has written 12 books including Darius Daniels: Game On!, which is her middle grade novel. She has written seven books for children, four for adults and has edited five books for students.

Caroline has been a reading teacher and classroom teacher. As an author and consultant, she has presented readings, speeches and seminars in several states across the country. She has also visited and presented in Ghana, West Africa to more than 25,000 teachers, children, tutors, parents and librarians. She has a background as an award-winning newspaper journalist and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.

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Darius Daniels: Game On!

When I was contacted by Caroline a couple of months ago, I was immediately interested in learning more about her mission and her work for improving literacy with children. Caroline is an inspiration for all authors, teachers and parents.  She also has a positive energy that I was immediately drawn to in both our correspondence and our conversation together on the podcast.

Darius Daniels: Game On! is a middle grade rhythmic novel about an 11 year old boy, a video game, and a great and scary adventure the book cannot escape-until he hurts somebody. This book is very unique because it’s written in rhythm and can be read both aloud, through partner reading or independent reading. What is a rhythmic novel? Learn more by listening to the podcast!

As a literacy activist and reading teacher, Caroline also had children that have learning disabilities in mind when writing. She wanted to include short chapters and rhyme to help those struggling with reading. This book includes rhythm, rhyme, raps, riddles and more than 10 forms of poetry! It’s a wonderful resource for both parents and teachers!


Darius Daniels: Game On!: The Complete Volume (Books 1, 2, and 3)
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