Birds Can Fly, Why Can’t I?

Birds Can Fly, Why Can’t I?

Birds Can Fly, Why Can’t I? written by Vicki Addesso Dodd and David Hill and illustrated by David Hill is a picture book to remember. 

This past summer, I had the pleasure of meeting illustrator, David Hill. I was in Saratoga Springs, NY passing a gallery, when I noticed David’s beautiful artwork in his gallery. His children’s book, Birds Can Fly, Why Can’t I? immediately caught my attention. This beautiful book tells the story of a Panda bear who longs to fly like a bird. Will his dream come true? Each page is a work of art that will take the reader on an adventure to find the answer to his question.

Language and Learning Tips

There are many wonderful opportunities in this book to encourage language and learning. For example, work on print referencing by pointing to the words as you are reading them. This will help your child to become more aware of print. Stop and define vocabulary words that may be unfamiliar such as “scale the mountaintops together”. What does scale mean? Discuss multiple means of the word scale. Birds Can Fly, Why Can’t I? also connects with the concept of problem solving. The Panda wants to fly but can’t figure out how to do it. Discuss with your child how the panda finally got this wish. To learn more about literacy and language tips, check out ebook here. 

Check out David Hill’s prints from the book here.

Birds Can Fly, Why Can’t I?

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