Interview with Mercy Hansen Mize, Author of Samson’s Tail

Mercy Hansen Mize

Today I will be interviewing author Mercy Hansen Mize, author of the children’s picture book, Samson’s Tail. Mercy and her husband adapted Samson from the DAWGS prison program. This program saves dogs from shelters and places them in prisons. Samson’s Tail was inspired by this program and Mercy’s desire to promote and educate others about it’s worthy cause. 

Samson’s Tail 

As a puppy, Samson spent time on the streets and in shelters when all he ever wanted was a forever family. His life changes in a big way when he enters a prison dog training program and meets his handler, Trevor. Will Trevor help Samson find the love he has always wanted? Listen to the podcast to learn more how Mercy’s experience inspired her to write Samson’s Tail! Check out Mercy’s facebook page for Samson’s Tail here.

Learn more about the DAWGS Prison Program 

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