Interview with Donna Sager Cowan, Author of the Superhero School Series

About Donna Sager Cowan

Today I will be interviewing Donna Sager Cowan, author of  the middle grade books, The Superhero School Series. The ideas for the series began with her youngest granddaughter asking about her cat, Ladybug, and why she stayed out all night.

As a grandmother, she enjoys reading and spinning tales for children. Each book in the series encourages positive attributes, acceptance, critical thinking, and inner strength.  To learn more about Donna, visit her website here.

Superhero School series follows Catt, the cat as she stumbles into Sweet Meadows.  She’s had a tough life so far, and when she discovers she can talk, Catt is sure she’s dreaming.  That is until she meets Simon Cheddar.  

Simon is a mouse with a plan, but they don‘t include a crazy cat!

Join Catt and Simon as they learn how to be friends and Superheroes!  

With the Curiosity of a Cat

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