Board Books for Toddlers!

Do you want to elicit language with your toddler? 

I am excited to write about these beautiful board books from Abrams! Board books are perfect for little ones because of their sturdy pages and beautiful illustrations. Each of these books are interactive and a great way to build speech and language with your baby. Do you want to learn more about choosing the right book for your toddler or preschooler? Check out my article here! 

I Love You Elephant

I Love You Elephant by Carles Ballesteros is a beautiful and fascinating book for your little one! Your baby will love changing the faces on each page, which will give parents the opportunity to expand learning and language. As you turn each page, use simple phrases and focus on one new word at a time. Model language and reinforce any sounds your baby can make.

Baby Loves My First Book of Favorites

Baby Loves is ideal for babies and toddlers! Each page contains photographs, which affords many opportunities to build words and language with your baby. Babies and toddlers love books with photographs because they can relate well to the pictures. As you read the book, encourage your child to look at you and the book (joint attention) and label each picture. Ask your child “What do you like?” or “What do you see?” If your child isn’t verbal, just point to the pictures and say the word. Encourage approximations such as “ba” for banana or “e” for “eat”. Also use gestures and sign language to augment. To learn more about using gestures during reading, click here. Depending on the age and developmental level of your child, this will vary. 

Farm Block by Abrams

Farm Block by Abrams is the newest book in the block series published by Abrams. This book is written by  Christopher Franceschelli and illustrated by Peskimo. This book is an endless opportunity for language expansion. Farm Block begins with the good morning to all of the animals and follows the animals throughout the day. Each page welcomes an interactive experience and opportunity to learn new words! Young children love this book because of it’s colorful and engaging illustrations and interactive components. As you read this book to your toddler, ask simple questions and use different ways to elicit language. For example, use fill in the blank sentences such as “I see a ____” or “A cow says _____”. As speech language pathologist, we try to not ask too many questions. This sturdy book can be read over and over again! Also, don’t forget to let your child explore the book on their own. Providing language models as they are reading is also language stimulation! 

Check out my review of City Block here with a free printable game! Also included in the review are tips for parents and educators.

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