Little Libraries, Big Heroes

Little Libraries, Big Heroes…a history of Little Free Libraries

Little Libraries, Big Heroes is a work of art that brings the reader on a non-fiction journey about the history of Little Free Libraries. 

I have been fascinated with Little Free Libraries since my trip to Alaska. Being in some remote little towns in Alaska, I immediately became drawn to the beautiful little  houses of books called Little Free Libraries.

What is a Little Free Library? Little Free Libraries were originally created as a book exchange and to bring books and literature to parts of the world that didn’t have access to books. With one idea from literacy superhero, John Bol turned into the world’s largest book sharing movement. To learn more about Little Free Libraries, click here. 

Little Libraries, Big Heroes written by Miranda Paul and illustrated by John Parra begins with the introduction of Todd Bol. Todd didn’t always feel extraordinary but his mother always told him, “You could do anything.” He studied hard, graduate from school and got a job. When his mother passed away, he missed her and yearned to help others and share his mother’s passion of reading. So one day,  he cut up an old door, hammered the pieces together and began to make a tiny one room schoolhouse. 

A Movement

What began with one creation, became contagious! This beautiful picture book tells the story of how the Little Free Library began but most importantly it stresses the importance of becoming involved in your community, believing in yourself and helping others. The book also encourages young children to be creative and to never give up! What began with one idea for Todd Bol became a literacy movement across the world. 

Literacy and Language Tips

Little Libraries, Big Heroes can be a wonderful language and literacy lesson in both homes and classrooms. When reading the book, discuss specific vocabulary such as the words steward, hero, spirit, ordinary, devastate, community and much more. Do you want to run a fundraiser to help Little Free Libraries across the country? Check out this flyer created by author, Miranda Paul here.

Listen to my podcast with illustrator John Parra here! 

Little Libraries, Big Heroes

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