Interview with Michele McAvoy, Author of Cookie & Milk

Today I will be interviewing Michele McAvoy. Michele McAvoy is an inspirational speaker & award-winning children’s book author from New Jersey. She loves bringing joy to children through her own stories. Michele’s books are uplifting and colorful and are meant to help children navigate through the natural bumps and curves of life. She has written three children’s books which include My Superhero Grandpa and The Gorilla Picked me.

Cookie and Milk, Synopsis

Can you be best friends with someone who is SO different than you? 

Cookie & Milk written by Michele McAvoy and illustrated by Jessica Gibson is a sweet and colorful story about the beauty of friendship and how different personalities contribute with a wonderful relationship. Cookie (real name Khloe) is a genius who loves math and science. Milk (Micaela) loves adventure, adrenaline and skateboarding. How does these two friends compliment each other? Read the picture to find out!

What makes this book unique? 

Cookie & Milk is unique in many ways! The story is a valuable lesson in friendship but also an opportunity for vocabulary expansion. For example, the word Mathematician is clearly defined on the page that the word is used. There are several words (9 total) like this that are highlighted throughout the book as well as included in the back in the Did You Know? page. Cookie and Milk also includes a page about friendship titled,  S Words that Make a Best Friend. 

Free Readers Guide!

Are you a teacher? Are you a parent that wants to target academic goals? Check out the free discussion guide here for download! 

Cookie & Milk: A Scientifically Stunt-tastic Sisterhood

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