Finding Perfect

Finding Perfect

Do you have a child with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)? Does your child struggle with perfectionism?  Do you want to educate your child about OCD and/or anxiety? Read Finding Perfect written by Elly Swartz. 

When I discovered Finding Perfect as a middle grade recommendation, I was immediately interested in reading the book and learning more. From the moment I began the book, I was immediately engaged in the story about the main character Molly and her struggle with anxiety and OCD. This book is not only provides education to readers about OCD and anxiety, it’s a lesson about family, friendship and working through difficult times together. As a parent, I felt it was an excellent reminder of how important effective communication is between family members.  

Finding Perfect is an ideal book to discuss empathy, identity and acceptance of others. As a speech language pathologist, I work with many individuals diagnosed with OCD. Reading this book, I felt and understood the character on a much deeper level, which has helped me as a clinician. This book is extremely valuable for children and adults. The first step to helping someone struggling with a diagnosis such as OCD is awareness! To learn more about OCD, click here.

A Synopsis

Twelve-year-old Molly Nathans is devastated when her mother leaves for a year to take a job in Canada. How will she get her mother to return? Molly has a plan! She will win the big poetry contest and then her mother will have to return! This seems like a perfect plan until things don’t fall into place like they should…Read the book to see how Molly works through her OCD behaviors and how she finally gets help through the support of her school, family and friends. 

Teachers Guide

Check out the Curriculum Guide written by Elly Swartz and Educator Anna Kontos. To download this guide, click here.

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Finding Perfect
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