Lasting Love

Lasting Love, a tribute and special book about loss

When I was contacted about reviewing Lasting Love written by Caroline Wright and illustrated by Willow Heath, I immediately said “yes” after watching the video below. It’s a special story written by author, Caroline Wright about her journey after getting diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. How will her children cope with this loss? This is why she wrote the book…..

I was very inspired by her story and felt her book was written and illustrated in a beautiful way for all children who may experience a loss like the child in the story. 

With simple text and magical illustrations, it provides the reader with a unique visualization of a friendly creature that remains strong, warm and cozy, even as the illness progresses.

About Caroline

At the end of the book is a special Author’s Note that describes Caroline’s journey and her intention and joy in writing the book. This book is not only a gift for Caroline’s children, it’s a gift for all children that have to experience the loss of a loved one. This book is a beautiful and loving story that will stay in my home library for many years to come.

Do you want to learn more about Caroline? Check out her website here.

To read the recent article about Caroline in the People Magazine, click here.

Discussion Questions

This children’s book has many important messages and can be used as a platform to discuss  difficult topics such as loss and grief.

Here are some example questions to get you started.

When Mama got sick, she came home with a magical creature. Tell me about this magical creature (e.g. encourage descriptive concepts such as “warm”, “cozy”, “strong”, etc. 

What does the creature do to make Mama feel better? 

What could you do to make someone feel better when they are sick? 

How does the boy feel when Mama is not there anymore? What makes him feel better?

Even though Mama is not there anymore, the magical creature always stays by the boy’s side. How does that make the boy feel? 

Watch this video below to learn more about Caroline’s story….

Lasting Love

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